niedziela, grudnia 04, 2005

My bag grows :-)

It looks like a basket now.

New projects

I started 2 new projects yesterday. One is crochet purple drawstring bag, which I'm going to decorate by sequins and ribbon.

Second project is red knitting scarf. It's beautiful yarn and beautiful color, because it's christmas red.

czwartek, listopada 24, 2005

Let me introduce myself :)

I'm Anna and I'm 21. I live in small village near Warsaw in Poland. At this blog I will writing about my two hobbys: knitting and crocheting. I knit much longer than I crochet. But in crocheting I have more experience.
I made a lot of knitting and crocheting things, which I present you soon, because I have to do photos.

Now, I'm doing skirt from free pattern from
It's called LUNA FLICKERING FLAMES CIRCULAR SKIRT and it's really beautiful.

I almost done this shirt. this is a photo of it.